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  1. noun 1. foetus, unborn child, fertilized egg The embryo lives in the amniotic cavity. 2. germ, beginning, source, root, seed, nucleus, rudiment The League of Nations was the embryo of the UN. Collins Thesaurus of the English Language – Complete and Unabridged 2nd Edition. © HarperCollins Publishers ,
  2. An embryo is the early stage of human development in which organs are critical body structures are formed. An embryo is termed a fetus beginning in the 11th week of pregnancy, which is the 9th week of development after fertilization of the egg. A zygote is a single-celled .
  3. May 21,  · Directed by Ralph Nelson. With Rock Hudson, Barbara Carrera, Diane Ladd, Roddy McDowall. A scientist doing experiments on a human fetus discovers a method to accelerate the fetus into a mature adult in just a few days. However, the "adult" fetus turns into a homicidal psycho and looks for a new formula to prevent her from aging further/10(K).
  4. The embryo is now made of three layers. The top layer — the ectoderm — will give rise to your baby's outermost layer of skin, central and peripheral nervous systems, eyes, and inner ears. Your baby's heart and a primitive circulatory system will form in the middle layer of cells — the mesoderm.
  5. Pictures of blastocysts on day 5 to 6 of IVF embryo development. Blastocyst photos, day embryo pictures, and blastocyst grading. The blastocyst stage is the last stage of embryo development before the embryo hatches and implants into the lining of the uterus. Blastocyst transfer can reduce multiple pregnancy risks, with high pregnancy.
  6. Dec 04,  · Embryo: An organism in the early stages of growth and differentiation, from fertilization to the beginning of the third month of pregnancy (in humans). After that point in time, an embryo is called a fetus. CONTINUE SCROLLING OR CLICK HERE FOR RELATED SLIDESHOW.
  7. The Center for Assisted Reproduction (CARE) is an independent fertility center providing comprehensive medical care. Our goal is to make it easy for patients to receive cutting-edge treatment. Established in , CARE is recognized as a leader in the North Texas region, providing state-of-the-art fertility treatment to residents of Dallas, Fort Worth, and cities throughout the state.
  8. embryo definition: The definition of an embryo is an unborn but developing child or animal, or something in the early stages that shows potential for development. (noun) An example of an embryo is when you have a viable female human egg that has be.

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