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  1. The 1st work reconstructed and arr. by R. Giazotto from an unidentified ms. movement (figured bass and fragments of a 1st violin part) in the Sächsische Landesbibliothek, Dresden; the 2d work, for string orchestra, originally published in a collection of Concerti a cinque (Amsterdam J. Roger [ca ]) Topics: String orchestra music, Arranged.
  2. Joseph HAYDN () String Quartets, Op Chilingirian Quartet (Nimbus NI, with Nos and 14) and Lindsay Quartet (Resonance CDSRB, a budget-price 4-CD set of Nos.8, and the wonderful String The first movement, presto is a sectionalised piece and much of the music is unrelentingly virtuosic for the soloist, admirably.
  3. String Quartets, Op. 76, No. 4 in B-Flat Major, Hob. III "Sunrise": I. Allegro con spirito Joseph Haydn Panocha Quartet 00PGeqCFrZihYX97tIk9iD SUPRAPHON a.s. L's Prayer Jonathan Roman Maxwell Max da God 00Pe4tV7YdMn0hUJAzLJSu Liberty ALE C 00S6KY7WBEwJL2sgUAkBWK Elektrona Hard Times Carabetta & Doons.
  4. LP Italia 27 THE CLASSICAL ERA Prepared by Frank Morrison Hummel, J. String quartet in C, op 30 no 1 (). Delmé String Quartet. Hyperion CDA 25 Bach, J. Christian Sinfonia in.
  5. Sep 16,  · I believe this was actually the norm. The Beethoven Edition and the Bach Edition (on Archiv) also go for the “one conductor or one performer per series of works” approach. These were the big boxes of the LP era. The Beethoven edition even contained two sets of symphonies, one by Karajan, and one by Karl Böhm (the latter came out a bit later, in , but was marketed as part of.
  6. The other “Haydn” and “Prussian” Quartets get mention only in passing (“In his last string quartet, K of , he gives some splendid solos to the viola, demanding great virtuosity but showing off the tremendous resources of the instrument, especially in the chromatic passages”), but they are – even if one concedes that the.
  7. Presto (B flat major, 2/4) The Finale opens with a theme which, in its unexpected length of six bars, gives a glimpse of Haydn’s irrepressible sense of fun. In plan the movement is an adumbration of sonata form, but that great musician Tovey rightly said “the only congruity lies in the whole.” 4 QUARTET IN E FLAT MAJOR, NO. 2 1.
  8. Quartet No. 2 in C is especially original, with a slow movement which suggests a country fiddler freely extemporizing over a very slow tune to which the other instruments are confined, and allowing himself plenty of rubato. The astonishing Trio sounds like a soul in agony, and there is a second Adagio by way of a finale (with a Presto interlude).
  9. 14th String Quartet ["Spring"], K, in G-major (1st "Haydn" quartet, 31 December) year-old Mozart composes the following pieces (among others) this year in Vienna (with the exception of the 36th Symphony, composed in Linz, Austria).

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