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  1. no. like real examples of good rumors to spread. berocky1 () “Great Answer” (0) Flag as ¶ never just one more like three in one 1.a snitch i.e. copcaller 2. A closet CRACK smoker and top it off with Gender profiling 3. small penis or visaversa large vagina.
  2. The rumors are circulating in conservative states or from others I know who are conservative. The stories are obviously being passed around by them as a way of further casting doubt on the spread of the disease and data. It seems an offshoot of allegations of hoaxes and conspiracies. Anyone else catching wind of these tales?
  3. Rumors Dem Spreading. Recently it was brought to my attention there is a Jamaican tradition that somehow slipped through the etiquette section of my family. Since I have never heard of the custom which was mentioned in a group discussion I find it necessary to expound on the confusion it has created within the Jamaican community. There is a Jamaican wedding tradition that chastises brides for not .
  4. Jan 09,  · 17 People Reveal the Craziest Rumors Ever Spread About Them — and How They Found Out "I fell out of a balcony, and later that week, I got a message from a .
  5. Oct 20,  · Rumors have been used by ordinary people, the media, and even governments to sway public opinion. Rumors can be hurtful or harmless. They can spread and get out of control. It's always important to carefully consider the possible consequences before spreading a rumor, and the impact the rumor might have on those around eronkedbanomipordimicomdiaroo.xyzinfo: 69K.
  6. For the first time in over a week, the total number of active COVID cases around the world has slipped below 50,, as China continues to report more recovering cases than new cases. And on Mon.
  7. The letter comes amid reports that far-right groups, like white nationalist group Identity Evropa, NBC reported, have spread rumors such as those about looting and riots being planned in suburban and rural towns to stoke fear among Americans.
  8. Apr 20,  · The Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo continues to spread as conspiracies and political distrust heed people from seeking treatment.

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