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  1. Foul-smelling Poop. Your poop may not smell like flowers, but the odor of your poop should be familiar. If it’s suddenly extremely bad smelling and has you running for the air freshener each time you go to the bathroom, this can be a sign of a problem. Foul-smelling poop can be caused by: Celiac disease; Crohn’s disease.
  2. That’s why you shouldn’t waste your time with a guy, unless he does these 10 things for you: Goes down on you. If you can’t orgasm during penetrative sex, he has to get you off somehow. If going down on you is his only option, he should do so with his head held high. Well, as high as he can hold it while it’s between your legs.
  3. So, with that being said, if you’re going to give away a piece of yourself, do it with reciprocity in mind. They may not give you the same thing (and that should tell you something), but here are three things you should get out of anyone you give your energy to. Let’s get into it! A listening ear. We all like to be heard–and we deserve to be.
  4. May 19,  · It could be as simple as stress, which can reduce peristalsis and slow the movement of your bowels. Plus, when you’re in fight or flight mode, your body is focused on behaviors that will help.
  5. Obviously, I'm not advocating that we all shut our doors and let people fend for themselves but we do need to think smart about how we utilize our time for everyone's benefit. Here are six habits that will help you work with those 1 or 2 people who hog your time. 1.
  6. OYS is for you, by you -- but don't waste your own time and the reader's time focusing on 1) shit you can't control, and 2) shit that ultimately doesn't matter. Common theme 2 is how you guys write about your sex life with your wife.
  7. 6 reasons you should care about your poop health. You may think: If it ain’t broke, why fix it? Well, many of the root problems in the list above are serious. Why you should care. Water helps move waste through and keep gut flora healthy. If you’re not getting enough water, these two things won’t happen effectively.
  8. Jun 11,  · If politics is important to you, then become a politician. If not, stay away from these ‘discussions’. They are not going to change anything and are just a waste of your time. 2. Be Aware of Your ‘Time Suckers’ Being aware of where your ‘time suckers’ are is the first step to making the most of your available time.

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