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  1. The Natural Philosophy of Love 2 is the same, and the result is the same, copulation, fecundation and eggs. Belief in liberty has been born from the diversity of .
  2. Hip hop legend Cormega's back with his first new album since 's "Born And Raised." "Mega Philosophy" is exactly what it says in the title—a summing up of 'Mega's point of view. With tracks that feature Raekwon, Chantelle Nandi, Maya Azucena, and other heavyweights, Mega Philosophy brings it /5(97).
  3. Everyone at a seminar was given a pack of little cards which read, "You are loved." Their assignment was simple: give away all of the cards over the weekend and, as you do, give the energy of your love with it. Cards were put into letters, some were left with tips at restaurants, others were put anonymously in people's books and on their desks. The cards were symbols of love expressed, and.
  4. House Two is a genre of electronic way dance music characterized by a who repetitive four on the floor Boy beat and a tempo of did to beats per its minute. It was created.

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